How to choose a banquet hall for a wedding or reception in Bhubaneswar?

Wedding and receptions are once in a life time event. This is the time where the whole family and network friends witness the union of two souls for the life time. The banquet hall works as the platform for all the activities happening during the wedding and reception event. Therefore, it is important to choose the right banquet hall for the event. Following are key factors you should keep in you mind while choosing a banquet hall.

  • Size of the banquet hall: You should choose the right size banquet hall as per your guest number. A small banquet hall for a large number of guests will lead to chaos and uncomforting. A big banquet hall for a small number of guests will lead to unnecessary spending as the hall size increases the expenses also goes up such as hall rent, air conditioning cost, decoration cost, maintenance cost and cleaning cost. Therefore, choosing the right size is very important. You can have a thumb rule, a banquet hall with around 10000 square feet of area can easily host an event of 500 guests. In a wedding as number of guests is on a floating basis, the above proportion holds good. You need to choose the size in the above-mentioned proportion.
  • Parking facility: The banquet hall should have a dedicated parking area for vehicles and should not be dependent on road side parking. Road side parking leads to traffic jam and attracts penalty from civic bodies. With urbanization, most guests use their own vehicle to the venue and very few are dependent on public transport. Therefore, the venue must have adequate parking facility for vehicles. The thumb rule is the parking facility should be at least equal in size of the wedding venue. The larger is the parking area the better. Additionally, the venue should provide parking assistance for proper parking of vehicles.
  • Location of the banquet hall: Location is another key aspect of a banquet hall. A banquet hall in a relatively centre place or prominent will be easily accessible for all the guests and family members. With increasing urbanization, now-a-days most banquet halls in Bhubaneswar are located in the outskirts of the city. However, a limited number of top banquet halls such as RJ Lawns are situated in the heart of the city, making it easy for guests to reach the banquet hall. Additionally, RJ Lawns provide Google map direction to visitors on missed call to a designated number.
  • Air conditioning: Now-a-days it is important to have air conditioning system during the event especially during non-winter season. The essential air-conditioned areas are the bride and groom stage, bride and groom rooms and the dining hall. For the special occasion bride and groom are well dressed and wearing makeup. Air-conditioned stage and room are must for any bride and groom. Although air-conditioned dining hall is an optional one; however, most guests prefer an air-conditioned dining hall for comfort.
  • Wash room and hand wash area: A neat and clean wash room and hand wash area is another key aspect while choosing a banquet hall. First, it should be clean. Second, it should be easily accessible. Not hidden in some corner and requires help to find out. Third, facilities such as hand wash and hand dryer or tissue paper must be present. This element is mostly ignored by many while choosing a banquet hall. Special attention needs to paid to this one.
  • Separate dining hall and reception hall: In some banquet halls, the dining hall and reception hall are one. It is advised to choose a hall where both the halls are different. The reception hall is the place where guests and family members greet the newly wed and spend some time with other family members. A common hall makes the place crowdy and leads to chaos in the reception area. Many-a-time guest are seen with food plates near the reception stage. Therefore, it is advised to choose a banquet hall with separate dining hall and reception hall.
    We are glad to mention that RJ Lawns, provide air-conditioned banquet hall in Patia, Bhubaneswar. It has a capacity of 500 guests. It is located near Bajrang Petrol Pump on the main road. It has adequate parking facility with parking assistance. It is known for its cleanliness. It has separate air-conditioned dining and reception hall for convenience of guests, bride and groom. For booking related queries please call or Whatapp to 7992732627.

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